Welcome to the Pain Relief Centre

Many individuals suffer from pain that comes on suddenly or persists.

At the Pain Relief Centre we understand the impact this has on you, your family and
friends. Pain Relief Centre is here to help you through this difficult time.

We know that successful intervention begins with thorough assessment and accurate diagnosis.

Millions of people across the world suffer from illnesses the medical profession fails to diagnose
and can offer no treatment for. They view the body purely in its physical form, and fail to
understand the importance your body’s energy field has in maintining health and well-being.
Over time, blockages in your energy field can lead to physical health problems, an inner
emotional turmoil, stress or anxiety, and a general lack of energy vitality.

At The Pain Relief Centre we specialise in creating individually tailored treatment plans as
quickly as possible. Under the direction of David Murphy, we will leave no stone unturned in
effort to help you manage your painful condition. Remember no matter what your pain is or
where it is centered we are here to help.

Type of painful conditions we treat

-Chronic lower back and leg pain
-Nerve pain, nerve entrapment neck and arm
-Persistent pain after your operation / scar pain
-Complex Regional Pain syndrome
-Thoracic / chest wall pain
-Piriformis Pain Syndrome
-Chronic Shoulder, Knee and Hip pain

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