Neuromuscular and Physical Therapy

NMT focuses on effective treatment of pain, injury and changes in sensations with particular emphasis on myofascial trigger points, using various soft tissue manipulation techniques the treatment assists the body with pain minimization, reduced stress and greater mobility providing the body with the opportunity to heal itself and avoid knock-on negative effects.

Patients may experience some discomfort one or two days after treatment. This is a normal reaction, as it may take a little time for the body to adapt to the soft tissue changes from treatment.

How NMT Can Help You

• Repetitive Strain Injuries
• Sciatica Pain
• Groin Injuries
• Hamstring Injuries
• Rotator Cuff injuries
• Low Back Pain
• Whiplash
Shoulder Pain
Knee Pain
Neck Pain

Who has it helped?

Elite Athletes from all backgrounds Professional Cyclists Post Surgical Rehabilitation GAA Intercounty Players.